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(Made With German Technology)

Tape in curtain uses is to make its fall better and beautiful. Also the fall remains same after washings so please read  the comparison between Polyester (Indian Tape) and New Indian Tape (German technology).

Strength: Compared to Polyester Tape, New Indian Tape has double strength, more  hard, more white & in Jacquard design .

Washing Results:  To see the difference of polyester (tiranga) tape & NEW INDIAN TAPE after washing  please Boil both the tapes separately for 1-2 hours. Result will be in front of you which tape will be better after washing Polyester Tape manufactures uses less yarn  while making of tapes & putt  artificial starch (mandi) to make tape  hard  which becomes soft after 3-4 wash of curtain , as a result the rings(eyelets)  get separated & curtain became damaged  Whereas New Indian Tape remains  same strong & same hard  as even after 25-30 wash.

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